The summer is almost here which means the light of the Sun continues to grow each day.

It is said that awareness is like the light of the Sun.  Like a light going on in a dark room, awareness helps us see what is really there.

It is also said that Love & Kindness are like the warmth of the Sun. To see is not enough, we need to connect and relate.  It is part of our healthy human nature.

Awareness and Kindness are both integral to the development of mindfulness; and while I am being poetic, you are probably reading this because you have heard some of the science.  Mindfulness is a mind/body skill that measurably benefits us in a variety of physiological and psychological ways.

Here’s one simple idea for stoking the light and warmth of your body/mind:

Pause for a moment and feel your breath coming a going a few times…
Soften your eyes and look gently around, what do you see?
Receive what you see, take it in.
How does it feel to be where you are?  To do what you are doing?
Welcome whatever you are noticing right now…
Nothing needs to be different
This is it.

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