Yoga Classes

Super Gentle:  Offered for those who have concerns about getting up and down, or those who will benefit from slow and mindful movement.  A non-intimidating, no flexibility required atmosphere to begin or mend you mind / body relationship

Gentle: Intended for those who are seeking a careful yoga entry point.  You will refine your ability to honor your limits, explore your capacity, build strength and confidence, and increase your appreciation of stillness.  Please note, this is not simply a beginner class.

All Levels:  On-going and newer students practice together, with the teacher helping simplify and refine poses.

Intermediate: On-going and experienced students practice together, the class moves towards more challenging poses with longer holds and more detailed exploration of subtly and energetics.

Breath Yoga:  This class gives special emphasis to the direction of breath in the body; and uses innovative methods to link breath awareness, refined movement, and yoga energetic principles.  Best for students with experience in other Sol classes.

Meditation Sitting Group: Offered as ongoing support for people who already have established a basic mindfulness meditation practice.  Rather than teaching, the class will primarily be for formal practice.  There will be 45 to 60 minutes of lightly guided seated, supine, or walking meditation.  A portion of every session will be for mindful speaking, listening, and Q & A.

Yoga Nidra: A special lying down yoga meditation which systematically relaxes the body and cools the mind.  Practice will include gentle warms ups, some sitting meditation, and brief teachings on the Yoga tradition.

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