Mindful Yoga and Meditation Classes at the Sol Center

Yoga is a natural body, mind, and spirit exercise; it is at the heart of what we do at the Sol Center.

We believe yoga is for everybody, and that yoga is not strictly about particular postures. It is about working intelligently with your body and cultivating your own holistic awareness. By practicing in this way, we believe that you will find your yoga.

At the Sol Center we are dedicated to providing you all that Yoga has to offer. Our distinct style can be described as mindful and meditative. You may:

  • Want to improve your strength, flexibility, agility, or balance.
  • Need restoration and healing.
  • Be seeking peace of mind, insight, inspiration, or a deeper perspective.

Each of our teachers have particular personalities, bodies, strengths, and share a base of training via the Sol Center. While some classes have different names, most do not. We simply all teach Yoga in our unique way, and are dedicated to sharing yoga with you in this spirit. We encourage you to sample each teacher and to attend multiple teachers for variety.

All of our yoga classes are intended to accommodate beginning and continuing students, tight and flexible bodies, folks of any age, unless otherwise indicated. In general, we do not do sweaty yoga.