Yoga Classes

All of our classes have a mindful base and explore the deeper, meditative dimension of Yoga.
Our teachers are well practiced, well trained, and dedicated to sharing yoga with you in this spirit.

Super Gentle:  Offered for those who have concerns about getting up and down, and/or those who are seeking a careful yoga entry point.  A non-intimidating, no flexibility required atmosphere to begin or mend you mind/body relationship.

Gentle: Intended for those who enjoy a mellow approach to yoga postures, even though they may be fit and experienced.  Instruction is focused on feel rather than form and progression, with an emphasis on body appreciation and the development of meditative awareness.

All Levels:  New and continuing students practice together, with the teaching supporting individuals to modify or progress as capable.

Intermediate: On-going and experienced students practice together, the class moves towards more challenging poses with longer holds and more detailed exploration of subtly and energetics.