Sol Center Teachers

Teachers at the Sol Center are all dedicated to personal practice, to learning together, and to offering from the fruits of our own discoveries. They each have particular bodies, knowledge, and their own unique gifts to share with you. Yoga and Meditation classes at the Sol Center can be described as mindful and meditative, awareness based and breath-oriented.

Elisa Rivera Sol Center

Elisa Rivera

Elisa Rivera is a long-time meditator and yogini on an inner quest to bring stillness of mind and an open heart into her everyday living. As a teacher, and trained Spiritual Director ...
Leslie Aragon Sol Center

Leslie Aragon

Leslie Aragon is dedicated to yoga study, and supporting the Sol Center community, whilst actively contributing to the field of archeology...
Natasha Korshak

Natasha Korshak

Natasha emphasizes inner awareness, breath development, and meditative stability. Taking you to the energetic heart of yoga ....
Margaret Adcock Sol Center

Margaret Adcock

Margaret has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years, her teaching is rooted in being present, compassionate, and curious with whatever arises in the breath, body, heart ...
Kelly Barrett Sol Center

Kelly Barrett

Kelly's classes are tailored to work with the energy and needs of students. She's inspired by the community of yoga here in Tucson....
Selene Brambl

Selene Brambl

Teaching has taught me how to find my own voice. My favorite part is the people I’ve met, the people who come to my class regularly, and getting to know them and feeling part ...
Shayne Tarquinio Sol Center

Shayne Tarquinio

Shayne teaches intuitively. Her teaching style has fiery elements, but is grounded with a gentle compassion and intuitive connection ....
Trish Harris - Sol Center

Trish Harris

Trish has completed both a 200 and 300 hour training, as well as specialty training for Healthy Aging. With a passion for teaching bodies ...
Anna Stizmann

Anna Sitzmann

Anna trained in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga at Yoga East+West in Ubud, Bali. She aims to help students connect more deeply with their spiritual nature by experiencing the full depth ...
Jessica Wills Sol Center

Jessica Wills

Jessica Wills style is clear, attentive, and has found yoga a powerful tool for emotional healing and a way to restore balance to life...
Ann Wagoner Sol Center

Ann Wagoner

Ann Wagoner weaves wonderful yoga with complimentary teaching in regarding Ayurveda, the seasons, mythology, and philosophy...
Stacey Tarquinio

Stacey Tarquinio

Stacey’s practice is gentle, chest opening, breath focused, and full of ease. She has been exploring the path of body, mind, spirit, growth and healing her whole life. She is also a ...

Kristina Hook

Kristina has an amazing depth of knowledge, experience, and determination that flows into her unique expression of Yoga.  With grace and reverence, she expands the literal movement of breath in your body, bringing new light to your eyes.  Kristina is a founding faculty member of the Sol Center Teacher Training program and continues as an adjunct trainer.  In person specialty series only.

Bonnie Golden

Bonnie is an experienced and beloved teacher who specializes in gentle & strong yoga, pre/postnatal yoga, and “boomer” classes with an emphasis on health aging practices. Her style is accessible, safe, empowering, calming, and fun.  Her dedication to her own practice and learning, combined with her generosity and skill as a teacher and educator makes her offerings consistently vibrant and relevant.  She is the author of “Yoga for Holistic Healing” and owner of Yoga with Bonnie .