Natasha Korshak

Whether teaching beginner, intermediate, or advanced students Natasha’s pace is consistently slow, deep, and expansive.  While respecting form and fitness, she emphasizes inner awareness, breath development, and meditative stability. Her intention is to take you to the energetic heart of yoga every time. She is the Director of the Sol Center.

Kristina Hook

Kristina has an amazing depth of knowledge, experience, and determination that flows into her unique expression of Yoga.  With grace and reverence, she expands the literal movement of breath in your body, bringing new light to your eyes.  Kristina is a founding faculty member of the Sol Center Teacher Training program and continues as an adjunct trainer.  In person specialty series only.

Ann Wagoner

Ann weaves wonderful complimentary teaching in regarding Ayurveda, the seasons, mythology, and philosophy.  She has the strongest physical practice in our current group, yet teaches at a measured pace that gives room for all.  She is the Founder and Director of the Center for Ayurveda and Yoga Study in Portland, Oregon; and Lighthouse Ayurveda & Publishing. She also teaches in our Teacher Training program. She currently lives in Portland and beams in from where ever she is.

Cynthia Russell

Cynthia’s extensive training in music, led to her exploration of Yoga, and her passion for teaching Yoga through the experience of sound.  She believes it is the vibrations of the sounds themselves that hold meaning and knows from her own experience that the more she engages these sounds the more wisdom and knowledge is imparted by them.  She is the Sound and Mantra trainer for our Yoga Teacher Training program, a trained SoulCollage® facilitator, and is also a gifted visual artist.

Jessica Wills

Jessica’s style is clear, attentive, playful, and down to earth with a lovely range of physicality and stillness.  She has found yoga to be a powerful tool for emotional healing and a way to restore balance to life; she provides guidance and support for her students to experience the same.  She is a graduate of the 2017 Sol Center YTT and assisted in the 2019 YTT, her personal yoga endeavor is Rain Seeker.

Stacey Tarquinio

Stacey’s practice is gentle, chest opening, breath focused, and full of ease.  She has been ex exploring the path of body, mind, spirit, growth and healing her whole life and completed the Sol Center Yoga Training Program in 2017. Professionally, she is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice, a chaplain, and is also staff for our Transforming Grief & Loss Program.

Beth Cole

As an octogenarian, Beth is ever passionate about slow mindful movement, conscious breathing, and the many benefits yoga brings to the willing body, mind, and heart. Beth has been practicing yoga for over 60 years and is a graduate of the inaugural 2016 Sol Center Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Alyssa Spungen

Alyssa has been a Yogini since 2009 when she realized the power of Yoga as it helped her heal from an eating disorder and body image issues. She received her Hatha Yoga training at Yoga Oasis in 2019 with continuing education in inclusive and accessible Yoga. Alyssa aims to make Yoga accessible to all bodies, provide meditative and juicy flows, and hold space for everyone to enter into the present moment. Alyssa continues her embodiment journey and training in Shakti Yoga with Jasmine Rose. She is also the Communications Coordinator and a Certified Professional Dreamworker (CDP) at Tucson Counseling Associates.

Kara Mills

Kara shares her own blend of gentle and deep asana, grounding breathwork, and meditation. She knows firsthand that life is full and that we can get exhausted caring for everybody else and every other thing.  From the depth of her own practice her goal is to create a space for you to nourish, recharge, and connect to source energy.  Kara is a graduate of the inaugural 2016 Sol Center Yoga Training Program and is currently a full-time librarian, among many other things!

Elisa Rivera

A long-time meditator, a yogini on an inner quest to touch that space of stillness and silence that resides within us all. As a Spiritual Director she is committed to guiding others to know that deeper Self. She brings meditation to action through her work as a mental health professional in the community. She continues to inspire wellbeing in the community by offering mindfulness, and meditation classes to people facing mental health issues, and addiction. She is committed to living, and teaching what has been taught to her through the tradition of the Himalayan Master’s. She completed the Sol Center YOGA training program in 2017, and since then has guided Yoga Nidra classes at the center. Elisa enjoys spending time in nature, dancing, and traveling.

Deborah Gains

Deborah sees her yoga practice as a personal blessing and an honored gift to share.  As an active septuagenarian, she understands the general importance of maintaining flexibility, strength, and balance. And, Yoga has it all; including the inner spiritual awareness needed to heal and grow.  She is a graduate of the 2018 Sol center YTT.

Bonnie Golden

Bonnie is an experienced and beloved teacher who specializes in gentle & strong yoga, pre/postnatal yoga, and “boomer” classes with an emphasis on health aging practices. Her style is accessible, safe, empowering, calming, and fun.  Her dedication to her own practice and learning, combined with her generosity and skill as a teacher and educator makes her offerings consistently vibrant and relevant.  She is the author of “Yoga for Holistic Healing” and owner of Yoga with Bonnie .