Contemplative Study

Contemplative Study & Training

Amidst our active lives, many people long to find a deeper way of being. Information and inspiration are important parts of the search, yet do not necessarily lead to embodied understanding. Embodied understanding can be described as a felt sense that you know what you know, and that you can express your knowledge through who you are.

Likewise, while we may glean helpful new scientific understandings of the body and mind, and benefit from our access to diverse cultural & spiritual perspectives, it is challenging to make these operational in the reality of our own lives.

The Latin root of the word contemplation, templum, literally means a place for observation, what might also be called a keystone, mainspring, core, or heart.  To contemplate is to take time and space to explore important questions, to go to the core or heart of the matter, to potentially find what you seek.

Our contemplative study programs provide this needed place for observation.

Our processes draw from the contemplative Yoga and Mindfulness traditions, as well as wisdom traditions across cultures, the evolving paradigms of mind/body science, and the global secular/spiritual ethics movement.

Our teachers, presenters, and faculty are highly qualified in their field, and are chosen especially for their dedication to their inner work and how they are expressing that in their lives.

Even more important than being with our experts, our programs provide a larger context for your personal path exploration and create a learning community.

Rather than being content heavy, the programs emphasize the individual and group process, affirm wholeness and connectedness, and strengthen your ability to link your unique existence to a greater good.

Contemplative Study is for those of you:

  • Seeking a deeper way of being in your life, work, community, and world.
  • Who want more than information and inspiration; who want experiential processes    that foster embodied understanding.
  • Those who have some form of body, mind, or spirit practice and want more sense of what it means to integrate it all.
  • Want to develop a body, mind, spirit practice that suits the reality of your life.
  • To heal, grow, and learn personally and relationally.
  • Exploring how your inner being and outer life, or personal and professional worlds can be more cohesive.
  • Who identify as spiritual but not religious, secular humanist, agnostic, or nothing. Yet, sense you are nonetheless on a personal path and want more context and community.

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