Meditation Classes

Mindful Meditation: This weekly gathering offers ongoing support for people who already have established a basic mindfulness meditation practice.  Rather than teaching, the session is primarily for experiential practice.  There is a brief welcoming section, 40 minutes of lightly guided, silent, and compassion practices, and a closing period for comments and questions about practice and application.

Yoga Nidra: A special guided, lying down, yoga meditation which systematically relaxes the body, cools the mind, and expands awareness.   Practice generally includes gentle warms ups and preparation before for the formal meditation, and a period of silence at the end.

Breath & Sound Meditation: Breath awareness is our most powerful body/mind tool.  Toning or chanting is a natural way to extend the breath, concentrate, and quiet the mind.   This basic practice class will be a regular way to play with breath and sound as the main feature.  At the foundation of the sound practice will be the Sanskrit alphabet and a technique referred to as nyasa.

Interactive Meditation, Private Sessions:  Meditation can be difficult. We may fall asleep,  spin our minds, or simply be uncomfortable being inward.  This interactive process provides greater support for the development of meditative stability, security, and insight.  This is especially effective for working with physical pain, trauma, negative emotions, and self-limiting thoughts.