Customized MBSR and Mindfulness Group Programs

Customized Group Programs

We are able to, and do tailor our MBSR and Mindfulness programs for groups. Working closely with you, we will create and present a unique program specifically suited to the needs of  your group.

Typically we combine class instruction with additional activities to deepen the learning experience.

  1. Initially
    Via phone or in person, we will discuss what you envision and together how we could make that happen.
  2. Proposal
    We will submit a proposal of  the tailored program for your review.
  3. Design
    Based on your feedback, fine tune the proposed program design.
  4. Contract
    Upon agreement, a formal contract is created.
  5. Program
    Your program is presented.
  6. Assessment
    Together we evaluate the programs outcome and note refinements that are to be included before running the program again.