Individualized Instruction & Services

Getting Started with Yoga Session

It can be intimidating to come into a yoga class for the first time, or to re-enter after a long hiatus or physical set-back.  You may have questions or concerns you want to have addressed in private.  You may want to make sure a yoga practice can meet your current needs and interests.  We can help you explore and discover the best approach.

Therapeutic Yoga Sessions
So that you may feel the on-going effect yoga is having on your body and mind, we practice together on a regular basis.  Yoga practices will be customized to your overall goals and specific needs, with ideas to encourage small daily practices. This is ideal for those with very busy lifestyles and/or those who want more personal support and guidance.

Yoga Practice Perspective
For continuing students, it is helpful to have feedback about where you are and where you are interested in going with your yoga practice.  This may involve looking at specific yoga postures, understanding breath techniques, or discussing current practice experiences.  New teachers seeking formal mentoring will also find the perspective useful in their development.

Interactive Meditation Sessions
Meditation can be difficult, often we fall asleep or spin our minds.  This interactive process provides greater support for the development of meditative stability and insight.  This is especially effective for working with physical pain, negative emotions, and self-limiting thoughts.

Private Mindfulness Training
Private mindfulness training sessions will bring you directly into the learning process.  You will learn to apply mindfulness to daily life situations and supporting meditation practices that you can do at home as well. We will explore mindfulness principles and how they relate to brain function, stress reduction, and health enhancement.  Best of all, the teaching is customized to you and your particular needs at this time.

Private Mindfulness Coaching
Private coaching sessions are for graduates of the MBSR Program or those who already have a foundation in mindfulness and meditation practice.  In this time we may inquire deeper into challenges that are arising in meditation, adjusting and refining what you already know.  We may also explore new practices, enhancing your meditation tool kit.  Most importantly, mindful coaching encourages you to trust the awareness process and motivates you to keep living with intention.

Private MBSR Program
Designed to take individuals through the specific Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program MBSR. It delivers the same curriculum and materials, and requires the same amount of daily practice. Working in dialogue with each other, we will increase your understanding of mindful awareness, and enhance the means to maintain and sustain mindfulness in daily life. This is ideal for people who cannot attend the group program due to their schedule or prefer to have a customized experience.

Spiritual Direction
Spiritual Direction is a process that supports your attunement to the presence and movement of Spirit in your life.  Unlike counseling or coaching, the director’s main role is to be a witness and a mirror for your personal exploration towards a deepening relationship with the invisible and ineffable dimensions of being.  Specific readings, reflective writing, meditation and prayer practices may also be offered to inform your direction.

Vedic Astrology Readings and Services
Vedic Astrology is an extension of yoga and meditation practice and study, rather than an aside.  Foundational readings are the starting point for understanding how astrology works for you.   Yearly readings provide insight and foresight into the year ahead.  Compatibility readings shine light on important relationship dynamics.   Astrology is also a powerful tool for choosing auspicious dates and times, for exploring holistic remedies, and for deepening self- knowledge and self-acceptance.   Sessions are in person, via phone, or web chat, depending on location.  All sessions are digitally recorded for you to download, and a copy of your chart and written resources are provided.