Teacher: Cynthia Russell

Cynthia Russell, musician and educator, received her Yoga training through Yoga Connection in Tucson, AZ, and through workshops offered by Rama Jyoti Vernon and other wonderful teachers along the way. She is continuing her studies through The American Institute of Vedic Studies under the guidance of Dr. David Frawley. Teaching in many settings throughout her career, Cynthia has learned to feel how the voice and body dance together to vibrate the essence of the soul. Her degrees in vocal performance and music education provided unique opportunities to observe other singers (of all ages) and to come to deeply discern vocal health and wellbeing as expressed through the human voice. Cynthia now offers these skills and experiences in the Yoga setting where the sounds of the Sanskrit Alphabet and the ground of the Eight Limbs of Yoga influence her offerings at Sol Center and beyond.

She fell in love with the sounds of Sanskrit while studying the Yoga Sūtras with Rama and continues to develop ways to share this love with others. She believes it is the vibrations of the sounds themselves that hold meaning and knows from her own experience that the more she engages these sounds the more wisdom and knowledge is imparted by them. Deep and lasting healing follows the dedicated practice of these sounds.

Cynthia Russell - Sol Center