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Yoga: Frogs, Tortoises, & Spiders – with Cordelia Rose

Last Month Cordelia celebrated things that fly or wave in the air, this month the theme will be things that are low down on the on the Earth. In general, Cordelia’s classes celebrate asanas/poses as works of beautiful art that bring freedom, flexibility, strength and calm to each person according to their desire. Asanas are interspersed with rest so that your body can digest what has been asked of it and prepare for what comes next. Pranayama/breath extension is inherent in every movement and will also be practiced as preparation for Shavasana/relaxation. Class closes with a hasta mudra/meditative hand gesture, a chant and stillness.

Cordelia Rose is founder and teacher of Glenwood Yoga in southwest New Mexico. Teaching yoga and building labyrinths follows a life of working in museums in London, Nairobi and New York. A horse now replaces her folding bicycle. Cordelia first learned Hatha Yoga decades ago at the Integral Yoga Center in Manhattan. In 2000 she moved to Glenwood and was seen standing on her head resulting in her first student. She gained additional knowledge at the International Yoga College advanced studies program with Rama Jyoti Vernon. Cordelia lives her yoga practice which is essential to her long life whether it be on her mat, on her horse, in a labyrinth, or practicing Tadasana in the line at the food coop.


Dec 19 2020


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm




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