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Qigong: Mindful Exercise Extraordinaire

Qigong: Mindful Exercise Extraordinaire

With visiting teacher Hana Kobayashi Alassadi

Sunday, July 2nd from 9:00 to 10:00 am & Saturdays July 8 & 15 from 9:00 to 10:00 am

$12 per class, no cost for members

Qi-Gong (or Chi-Gong) is an ancient Chinese form of moving meditation full of deep, cleansing breaths, slow flowing mindful movements. This spiritual self-healing practice will exercise & relax your body, balance your life energy, silence the busy mind and leave you feeling happy & light. Students report stress and anxiety reduction, better sleep and a sense of feeling better – feeling more. Gentle and safe for all ages, levels and body types.

Hana Kobayashi Alassadi

Hana teaches secular mindfulness and qigong for wellness in Qatar. Secular means with a non-religious approach. She believes in learning how to manage our attention and how to release tensions from our bodies to optimize a healthy brain function and a balanced body.

She is very passionate about sharing her personal practice to offer students a new way to be aware of their body and mind. Paying attention to our hearts, minds and bodies helps us be aware of how we feel moment to moment in real-time and knowing what to do – if we feel well and are having healthy coping mechanisms to deal with daily challenges like stress, anxiety or other emotions, then keep at it or if not feeling well then we need to change bad habits, thinking and addictions.

We just need to shift our attention to what is more resourcing and supportive for us. For that we need practice and discipline. We need to get familiar with our inner resources and learn how to use them to keep coming back to the here and now and with awareness make better choices and change what is not helpful of what we say and do.

Hana belongs to an international community of over 100 Certified Instructors trained by Dr. Yang Yang (WaQi curriculum) in New York, NY, USA. She is also trained to be a mindfulness teacher by Mindful Schools – a community of over 1000 instructors, teaching in a trauma-informed way and completed a year-long mindfulness teaching certification program this past July 2022.



Jul 15 2023


9:00 am - 10:00 am




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