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Yoga Philosophy & Practice Essentials

Yoga Philosophy & Practice Essentials, with Natasha Korshak
Two Stand – Alone Sessions
Saturday, July 8th & July 22nd from 10:30 to 12:30
$45 per class, no cost for members
*Credit hours are available for yoga trainees

Yoga is more than mindful exercise, there is a comprehensive body/mind/spirit philosophy at the base of all that we do. Essentially yoga is the movement towards and arrival at the deepest ground of being. An experiential learning that affirms the oneness of life and each individual’s unique potential. These two stand- alone sessions will be a toes-in-water step into the beautiful basics of the Yoga Tradition. Each session will be a mixture of lecture, discussion, and inquiry practices. All levels of experience are welcome.

Some of what we will explore:

    • An overview of the Yoga Heritage/History & why it matters now.
    • An explanation of the Sankhya Philosophy that classical Yoga Philosophy is built upon,
    • Experiential processes for exploring foundational concepts regarding spirit (purusha), matter (prakriti), and the evolution of consciousness (chitta).
    • An introduction to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and key teaching that apply to general yoga practice.
    • A study of Rama Jyoti Vernon’s approach to ashtanga yoga, the eight fold path, and conflict resolution.

Natasha Korshak is a long-time teacher and trainer of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and MBSR, and has been working in the field of integrative health and wellness her entire professional career. She is a graduate of the Interfaith Theological Seminary and an ordained Interfaith Minister specializing in contemplative practice, grief processing, and spiritual direction. Her study and training of mind/body/spirit methods is extensive and she has learned from many of the pioneers in their discipline. As the founder and director of the Sol Center she is well regarded for her depth, warmth, authenticity, and the smile in her voice.


Jul 22 2023


10:30 am - 12:30 pm




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