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June Restorative Yoga Series with Natasha Korshak

June Restorative Yoga Series:  With Natasha Korshak

Fridays June 3, 17, 24 from 4:30 to 5:45

$15 per class …this is free for Sol Center members


Restorative Yoga can mean many things.  It is essentially the sweet spot between doing nothing and doing too much.  It encourages yielding rather than striving.  It invites us to stay low to the ground, to gently shift the force of gravity, to use props to support and shape the body.  It can be fun, light, and playful as well.

This series is offered for folks looking for a mellow, gentle, feel good practice to support healing and rejuvenation.   We will start on the auspicious quarter moon, when the moon is in a special constellation called Punarvasu, in Sanskrit this mean new again.  This series will also take us through the April lunar/solar eclipse events which are considered important times for subtle body healing as well.

Natasha Korshak

Whether teaching beginner, intermediate, or advanced students Natasha’s pace is consistently slow, deep, and expansive.  While respecting form and fitness, she emphasizes inner awareness, breath development, and meditative stability. Her intention is to take you into the energetic heart of Yoga every time.  She is the Director of the Sol Center.


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Jun 24 2022


4:30 pm - 5:45 pm




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