full moon dream circle

Full Moon Dream Circle

Full Moon Dream Circle
With Alyssa Spungen
Sunday, June 12th from 12 noon to 1:30

The full moon is a time to celebrate what’s been working over the last cycle and to reflect and let go of what isn’t. Our dreams aid us in this process and give our waking conscious minds a breather. Come with or without a dream and leave with a plan!

A Little bit about Dreamwork:

Culturally, we have inherited a tendency to problem-solve, analyze and respond with immediacy to every situation that arises. Generally speaking, we are overstimulated and addicted to our waking hours. We have an epidemic of sleep disorders and a general disregard, and even aversion, to relaxation and the vulnerability of falling asleep. Dreamwork in a group setting normalizes our nighttime images and bonds us to others in supportive ways.

As a Certified Professional Dreamworker (CPD), Alyssa provides a safe and nurturing space to lean into the imaginal realm of the subconscious, to explore the souls longing for expression, and to build bridges between the subconscious, unconscious, and conscious aspects of our being. This is a holistic practice that fosters a greater sense of purpose, connection, creativity and freedom.

Alyssa Spungen
Alyssa has been a Yogini since 2009 when she realized the power of Yoga as it helped her heal from an eating disorder and body image issues. She received her Hatha Yoga training at Yoga Oasis in 2019 with continuing education in inclusive and accessible Yoga. Alyssa aims to make Yoga accessible to all bodies, provide meditative and juicy flows, and hold space for everyone to enter into the present moment. Alyssa continues her embodiment journey and training in Shakti Yoga with Jasmine Rose. She is also the Communications Coordinator and a Certified Professional Dreamworker (CDP) at Tucson Counseling Associates.


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Jun 12 2022


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm




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