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The Root Chakra: Awake & Ready

The Root Chakra: Awake & Ready

With Natasha Korshak, CIM, E-RYT 500, YACEP

Saturday, May 28th form 10:00 to 12 noon



The Chakras are part of the understanding of the subtle body in Yoga.  The subtle body is the energy blueprint for the physical and mental experience of life.  By exploring the chakras, the yoga practitioner gains insight into how energy can be better regulated and directed towards healing and wholeness.

Adventure begins with the root chakra. It relates to our foundation and our sense of security and belonging.  While we all have some understanding of these essentials, specific Yoga practices invite us to feel and inquire into more of what might be needed or desired at this stage of life.

The root chakra also relates to the Earth element, the planets Saturn & Mars, the beginning and end of our digestive track, as well as our feet.  We will explore many of these connections through a variety of yoga practices including movement, breath, mudra, sound, drawing, reflective writing and sharing.

All bodies and levels of experience are welcome.  There will also be 2 hours of credit available for Yoga Teacher Trainees and Registered Yoga Teachers, upon completion of a reflection project.


Natasha Korshak

Whether teaching beginner, intermediate, or advanced students Natasha’s pace is consistently slow, deep, and expansive.  While respecting form and fitness, she emphasizes inner awareness, breath development, and meditative stability. Her intention is to take you into the energetic heart of Yoga every time.  She is the Director of the Sol Center.


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May 28 2022


10:00 am - 12:00 pm




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