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Essence of Asana: Hatha Yoga as an Expression of Sanatana Dharma

Essence of Asana: Hatha Yoga as an Expression of Sanatana Dharma

With Kristina Hook, E-RYT 500

Three Stand-Alone Yoga Practice Workshops

Saturdays, August 19th, September 23rd, October 14th from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

$75 each, Sol Center Member Discount Applicable

Space is limited, please register early to ensure your place in these classes.


Immerse in gentle Yoga asanas and their unique preparatory movements.

The Essence that will be spoken of here, could be viewed as an unchanging quality that is eternally present, regardless of the “style” of yoga one practices. When we practice those enduring qualities, we are aligning our mind and body with that which is eternal in its very essence. Whether one practices Flow, Ashtanga, Yin, Iyengar, etcetera… specific essential fundamentals are present in and form the foundation for all the asanas. With this perspective, all levels of experience can potentially benefit from this exploration.

We will also experience and understand how each asana contains its counterpose within. This principle is reflected in the term “Hatha”; the Ha (solar/luminous /heating) and the Tha (lunar/dark/cooling) qualities of the asanas, will be practiced with the intention of drawing together these apparent polar opposites, that are a natural part of the whole of life.

These classes will be gentle yet physical, and emphasize a refinement of the mindful attitude of non-striving. Our prime emphasis is breathing with awareness.
The three classes are ideally experienced sequentially, yet can also stand-alone.
General class itinerary:
August, Class 1: Principles of Forward Bending
September, Class 2: Principles of Bending Backwards
October, Class 3: Principles of Twisting

Sanatana Dharma (The Eternal Natural Way) denotes that which always is,

that which has neither beginning nor end, that which is eternal in its very essence.” ~Dharma Central

Kristina Hook has an amazing depth of knowledge, experience, and dedication that flows into her unique expression of Yoga. Teaching and studying the integration of Eastern and Western traditions since the 1980’s, Kristina amalgamates information regarding craniosacral systems, anatomy and physiology, respiratory cardiology, and mindfulness, and brings a wealth of experience with traditional master teachers.



Oct 14 2023


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm




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