Yoga Teacher Training


Our Yoga Teacher Training program immerses you in the full experience of Hatha Yoga, providing an understanding of foundational yoga tools and technology, and preparing you to enter for the professional field of yoga teaching.

Our training method explores the eight limbs of yoga that include one’s orientation to self and others; one’s relationship with the body, mind, and heart; and one’s movement towards their deepest ground of being.

We invite a variety of people to pursue the training: those who desire to expand their dedication to yoga as teachers, those interested in professional enrichment, and those who would enjoy the learning structure and community of practice. While we use the medium of the body to explore the Yoga, our method is not athletic. Rather, we follow the tradition of Haṭha Yoga as the balancing of polarities with the intention to still the mind.

Our Process

In our nine month training process, you will  learn an integrated flow of practice including āsana, prāṇāyāma, mantra, contemplation, meditation and delve deeper into the Yoga paradigm. You will explore subtle body energetics (cakras & nāḍīs), source texts (Yoga Sūtras & Bhagavad Gitā), Nāda Yoga (Sanskrit & Mantra), & Ᾱyurveda. These weekends will be complemented by a weekly class and clinic to explore anatomy and physiology, technique and methodology. While you grow your personal understanding, you will also begin to apply your knowledge in teaching practicums and through classroom internships. In total, your training will lead to a certificate of 250 hours, exceeding the national standard and making you eligible to join the Yoga Alliance as a credentialed Registered Yoga Teacher RYT-200.

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