Vedic Astrology Highlights July 2014


The Year of Jupiter: Ho, Ho, Ho

June 18th Jupiter entered Cancer and will enjoy an entire year in its favorite sign.  As I begin to speak of Jupiter I want to clarify that it is common to speak about the planets as live beings rather than objects.  They are called grahas or graspers as they grasp or influence our mind in general and specific ways.  Personification is not literal, yet like myth, articulates something intimate and meaningful about the nature of reality.  So let’s meet Jupiter and consider how he might influence us this year.

The sage Parashara says Jupiter has: large limbs, is heavy, has yellow hair and eyes; his constitution is phlegmatic (kapha), he is intelligent and endowed with all branches of learning.

In the myth The Greatness of Saturn all the planets are described thoroughly, Jupiter being a: big, benign, jovial man …big bellied body with a broad, prominent chest and a voice like a lion’s.  His body, hair, and eyes are of tawny hue that shines like pure gold…fond of sweets, he wears yellow clothes and yellow flowers…He possesses all virtues and is modest, forgiving, and happy.  His mind and senses are disciplined and his intellect subtle.  Attached to ritual, he follows the path of righteousness.  His metal is gold and his gem topaz…Lord of the body’s fat…of Thursday…He is called Teacher of the Immortals, the Soul, the Advisor, the Lord of Speech, the Golden, the Creator, the Irresistible, He Who Wears Yellow, the Young, Worthy of Worship Throughout the World, the Compassionate, Creator of Polity, Remover of Oppression, and the Peaceable.

Get the picture?  Know anyone Jupiter like?  Envision Santa Clause in a yellow suit!

Why does Jupiter exalt in Cancer?  This is how I understand it.  Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon; the Moon represents our emotional and perceptual mind; Jupiter brings joy, wisdom, and delight right into us here.  Cancer is the sign of the mother, and mother is our original connection to love and nurturance.  Cancer is a water sign and all the water signs in astrology are associated with moksha or enlightenment.  There are different flavors of Cancer depending on the degree, but this is the general atmosphere Jupiter will be in for the year.

On a practical level, this is a good time to be considering how you want to utilize this extra dose of Jupiter juice.  If you know what house Cancer is in your birth-chart this is a clue of how it may naturally manifest.  Right now, Saturn is affecting Cancer so growth and expansion may be slowed down; in early November, Saturn shifts and Jupiter’s energy is more abundant.  So this is the time to plan and prepare.

There are many names for Jupiter as you have read above; my favorite is Guru, dispeller of darkness.  Om Shri Gurugi Namaha!


Rahu moves to Virgo/Ketu moves to Pisces: July 12th

As I said so much about Jupiter this time, I will be brief regarding Rahu and Ketu.  They are called the shadow planets as they do not physically exist; they are mathematical points that correspond to the orbit of the moon.  These points are how we accurately predict eclipses.

They are always opposite each other and move opposite the planets in the horoscope.  Their meanings are likewise opposite each other.  In the simplest description we could say Rahu increases our craving and desiring tendencies and Ketu increases our aversive and withdrawing tendencies.

Their movement through one sign takes 18 months, thus when they enter a new sign it is significant.  July 12, Rahu will enter Gemini and Ketu will enter Pisces.  Please note that July 12-14 Rahu and Mars will also be conjunct so these are days to mark on the calendar and be extra mindful of yourself or others as you / they could be especially reactive.

What does this transit indicate for the next 18 months?  Rahu is said to be at home in Virgo which is an atmosphere of analysis, intellect, expertise, discipline, health, purity, service.  Rahu’s outward energy can help us get organized and headed in the right direction.  The downside here is Rahu dramatizes everything so it is important to stay lighthearted.

Ketu likewise is said to be at home in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac that represents the culmination of the soul’s journey, spiritual awakening, unity consciousness, dreamless sleep, intuition, compassion.  Ketu’s inward energy can enhance our spirituality and our access to inner resources.  The caution here is that Ketu confuses things a bit, so it is important to stay clear and lucid.


Saturn goes Direct: July 20th

No explanation for now, only wanted you to know.

Natasha Korshak
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Natasha Korshak is a long-time teacher and trainer of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and MBSR, and has been working in the field of integrative health and wellness her entire professional career. She is a graduate of the Interfaith Theological Seminary and an ordained Interfaith Minister specializing in contemplative practice, grief processing, and spiritual direction. Her study and training of mind/body/spirit methods is extensive and she has learned from many of the pioneers in their discipline. As the founder and director of the Sol Center she is well regarded for her depth, warmth, authenticity, and the smile in her voice.

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