Yoga of Sound: Sounds of the Sanskrit Alphabet as Used for Healing – December 7th

with Cynthia Russell, DMA, RYT-500

This workshop will focus on the sounds of the Sanskrit Alphabet as used for healing the body, stilling the mind, and connecting to higher wisdom. Participants will be led through the energetics of each of the letters of the alphabet, how to perfect their form, and how to guide energies to harmonize the vibrational anatomy of the body. The alphabet will be transformed into bīja mantras and used in the practice of Mantra Puruṣa, the Body of Sound, as well as in the practice of Āsana and Prāṇāyāma. The session will culminate in a Mantra Puruṣa Yoga Nidrā.

No experience is needed in either Yoga or sound work. All levels of practitioners will find this practice easy to access. All are welcomed with open hearts and arms.

Cynthia Russell, DMA, RYT-500 has extensive music and yoga training, and is a graduate of the 300 hour “Yoga, Ᾱyurveda, Mantra, and Meditation,” program offered through the Vedic Institute under the guidance of Dr. David Frawley.  All of this has bought Cynthia full circle, from music, to yoga, to nāda yoga, the yoga of sound.  Even more essential than mantra- nāda yoga guides practitioners to the eternal sound current that underlies all creation.  Moving from silence, to the sacred sound of AUM, to the Sanskrit alphabet, into other practical applications, Cynthia helps you understand vibrational tools and develop a “sound” body/mind.


Dec 07 2019


10:00 am - 12:30 pm




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