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The Ten Perfections: Bringing Qualities of Wisdom & Compassion to Life

The Ten Perfections: Bringing Qualities of Wisdom & Compassion to Life

Ten-Week Study & Practice Program, with Lhasha Tizer

Mondays, September 18th through November 20th, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

And retreat on Saturday, November 18, from 10:30am – 5:30pm.

$600, Sol Center member discount is applicable


The Ten Perfections, or Paramitas (from the Sanskrit), are seen as an extension of the essential elements of the Buddha’s original teachings. They denote awakened qualities of mind and heart that the Buddha fully embodied, and serve as pointers and practices for all who walk a path towards freedom from suffering.

The Perfections help build character, inner strength, and insight. These beneficial and beautiful qualities can be developed and integrated within daily life and formal meditation. They consist of: generosity, virtue, renunciation (letting go), wisdom, energy/effort, patience, truthfulness, resolve (determination), loving kindness, and equanimity.

For those seeking practical ways to bring the Dharma- which reflects the goodness of our true nature- deeper into the fabric of daily life and relationships, this contemplation of the perfections provides an inspiring framework for enrichment.

The Class Series Offers:

• An intimate look at a Buddhist teaching that contains broad secular and spiritual relevance.
• A week by week exploration and application of each of the 10 qualities that can be engaged within the midst of everyday life.
• A variety of reflective and inquiry exercises to refine your life’s purpose, strengthen your resilience, develop your self-confidence, and enhance your trust in navigating life’s many challenges.
• An understanding of path development and process. This is a step by step undertaking. The Buddha said “A path can hold everyone in it and it is a gradual developmental process”.
• An invitation to lean into your personal practice with devotion, creative engagement, and with your sights set on freedom from suffering that is the fruit of the path.
• An enriching experience of a contemplative community of practice.


As part of the Sol Center Contemplative Study Program this course highlights the great wisdom tradition of Buddhism and its relevance to the modern spiritual path. No experience with Buddhism is necessary. All are welcome.

Lhasha Tizer, MS. is a certified Community Dharma Leader trained in Insight Meditation through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She is a long time practitioner and teacher of meditation and mindfulness, studying for 46 years, and has been teaching Buddhist Studies since 2010.

Through Desert Insight Meditation, her teaching community, she offers classes, book groups, and retreats at Tucson Community Meditation Center and beyond. In her private practice, The Mindfulness Path, Lhasha guides, consults and provides individual instruction in mindful living, meditation practices, and mindful inquiry.

Lhasha has a diverse background with a teaching certificate in “Chado”, The Japanese Way of Tea, with roots in Zen Buddhism. She has practiced as a Holistic Health Counselor, a Holistic nutritionist specializing in tea nutrition, and is a co-author of the book Tea Here Now. She is devoted to sharing the benefits of her personal studies and practices through her teachings with others, to enrich their lives with caring, non-harming, love, well-being, peace, and happiness.

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