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Practicing Conflict: Tinkering with Somatic and Contemplative Tools in Times of Struggle

Practicing Conflict:  Tinkering with Somatic and Contemplative Tools in Times of Struggle

With Em Saunders, LCSW

Saturday, January 27th from 2:00 to 6:00 pm

$100, Sol Member discount applicable


Divergent desires, unmet needs, and differing perspectives are actually extremely common, even predictable, in all kinds of relationships. Yet, with nervous systems wired for survival, conflict can be extremely challenging.

What support can we gather to be able to show up for ourselves and others when dilemmas arise? How can we get more comfortable with the discomfort of conflict while also developing discernment to identify and assert boundaries, or soften into change when needed?

This four hour workshop will provide the foundations for a trauma-informed and contemplative approach to conflict. We’ll explore frameworks and tools from somatic therapy and relevant wisdom traditions. We’ll look at how past experiences shape our response to conflict and how we can re-shape, while claiming the insight these experiences can offer.

Throughout, we’ll investigate interpersonal and systemic power differences in conflict, and how the struggle for collective liberation ties into all this. And we’ll practice for the world we yearn for.

Participants will be invited to join 75-minute follow-up sessions in subsequent months, to safely workshop real-life experiences and build skills in a compassionate practice community.

Em Saunders, LCSW, MST (they/she) facilitates spaces for collective wisdom to grow. They spend a lot of time as a somatic therapist for neurodivergent teens and their families or practicing craniosacral therapy on O’odham and Yaqui land in Southern Arizona. Em also teaches nervous system hacks for broken open hearts, and tinkers with community mutual care projects, ritual, clay, words and hot-wired fiddles.


Jan 27 2024


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm




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