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Land Listening: A Day of Alignment, Connection and Awakening

Land Listening: A Day of Alignment, Connection and Awakening

With Intuitive Practitioners, Leah Berger and Liz Vance

Saturday, November 11th from 10:30 am  to 6:00 pm

$108, Sol member discount is applicable


To know Earth as a living, vibrational being is perhaps one of the most important aspects of our purpose as humans.

To go deeper than the surface of the horizon; to merge, like water soaking into layers of soil; to bring mindful awareness to your own imprint; to be receptive to the swirling interactions of the elements; to release notions of fixing or saving; to embrace harmonizing, balancing, dissolution, and energetic planting: to hold and be held, to see and be seen, to touch and be touched, to hear and be heard.

Whether you are simply in love with and wish to honor your relationship with Earth, you are in deep grief about the state of things, or you are looking for tangible ways to shift the impact of your ancestral lineage on the lands you traverse, this workshop provides stepping stones for your journey:

~Experience the voice of the Earth with guided visualization, stones, and sacred objects.

~Reclaim an embodied experience of connection to land through ancestral practices of sitting, listening, observing, and alignment.

~Develop an awareness of your energetic imprint on the land through sound, light, and vibration.

~Learn to harmonize and shift imbalances in your relationship with the planet through introduction, mantra, chanting, receptivity, and stillness.

Bring your love, open to gravity, drop into sensation. Connect.

There will be an hour for lunch. Gather with us for an honoring of the food that you bring. We will finish our day together at Himmel Park.

Liz Vance: At the age of 25, Liz Vance was struck by lightning. This encounter with such a powerful force of nature propelled her on a path of healing. For almost 30 years, through her work as an intuitive and a Reiki Master, she has taught classes and led groups that support people in developing their intuition, awakening their inner wisdom, and connecting with the world in conscious and mindful ways. Her innate love of Earth and passion for wild places has deepened over the years. A wildlife photographer and videographer, Liz finds ways to be present with animals, plants, forests, and landscapes, allowing the stories of her surroundings to emerge. She recently joined forces with fellow explorer Leah Berger, to co-create the Land Listening Project, integrating intuitive healing practices with a love for the planet.

Leah Berger: Leah Berger is in a lifelong romance with the planet. A licensed therapist, she experienced a series of health crises that brought her to an alternate path. Her background in expressive arts therapy and ecopsychology led her to indigenous cosmologies and shamanic techniques. While recovering from multiple health issues, she began learning Bowenwork- a gentle touch approach supporting the fascia, lymph, nervous, and energetic systems of the body. Simultaneously, Leah began working intuitively with light, sound, and song. In 2016, while looking at a map of the Rio Grande, Colorado, and Gila Rivers, she heard a message to follow the water. Tuning into elements and landscapes through alignment, dialogue, and ceremony has been both a homecoming and a reckoning with the ancestral diaspora. Drawing inspiration from these experiences, Leah created a monthly group called “Standing Strong in Changing Times.” With fellow intuitive Liz Vance, she practices Land Listening techniques to discover the needs and deepen in relationship to Earth


Nov 11 2023


10:30 am - 6:00 pm




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