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Lament: Expressions of Grief Through Journaling

With Deborah Brandt, MA
Sunday, July 21st from 2:00 to 4:00 pm
$40, Sol Member discount applicable

Everywhere you look, there are challenging, difficult, emotion-inducing circumstances. Our world is awash in situations that break our hearts or blow our minds. From the deaths of loved ones to watching someone we love in the long, slow decline of aging, to the challenges and losses of our own health changes to the deep divisions in our country and communities and sometimes families over the current events of the world. For many, the ongoing issues and anxiety around climate change add another layer to our already battered hearts. What do we do with all the feelings? Writing in the framework of lament can be a productive resource for teasing out our own understandings of the experience we, our families, and our communities are in. Putting pen to paper can help us begin to unpack the tangled fibers of our own tapestries of bereavement.

The Lament Writing workshop is designed to offer safe space to step into the stillness with your grief. During the workshop experience we will seek inspiration and writing prompts embedded in poetry, prose, and sacred texts as examples of expressing our griefs. Bring a journal and pen. If you use other mediums besides writing, you are also encouraged to bring sketch paper, colored pencils or markers. Time and gentle space will be provided for individual reflection, writing/drawing, and sharing in pairs or with all participants.

In lament, our task is never to convince someone of the brokenness of the world; it is to convince them of the world’s worth in the first place. True lament is not born from that trite sentiment that the world is bad but rather from a deep conviction that it is worthy of goodness.- Cole Arthur Riley

Deb Brandt is a certified grief coach, funeral celebrant, educator and writer. Her work is informed by a master’s degree in religious studies as well as training in grief and death studies. As a celebrant, Deb has collaborated with families to create meaning in the face of loss and sometimes difficult circumstances. Most recently, Deb has been opening conversations about grief in workplace and church settings.


Jul 21 2024


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm




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