Yoga with Kristina – Breath, Spine, & Mind

Breath, Spine, & Mind:  An Exploration of Mystical Yoga 

*For experienced students interested in subtle body refinement

Kristina focuses on the spine and the literal expansion of the breath in your body, bringing mist to the skin and new light to your eyes. With grace and reverence, Kristina shares insights gained from over four decades of practice with such Masters as Vishnudevananda, Rama Jyoti Vernon, YogiRaj, and Sahdguru.

Letting go of postural yoga per se, she emphasizes specific alignment and movement that pertains to the flow of breath, energy, and mental awakening.  With greater understanding of subtle and physical elements, traditional yoga postures take on new potential.

Kristina’s words convey this new understanding of  the importance of breathing with awareness:

“There is real life relevance for ‘learning to remember’ how to breathe naturally. Throughout our lives we have adapted our breathing to accommodate the stresses we have experienced. Unconscious and habitual patterns are reflected, primarily as tension held within our breathing apparatus. In exactly that sense, our breath shows us our karma, allows us access to it, and is potentially a means to transform it. Karma is essentially memory. Awareness of our breathing is important for stabilizing emotions and calming thinking. When we access a harmonized situation in our body/mind, then something in our Awareness, that is inclusive of and yet beyond the physical, awakens. We can touch that Awareness, via our breathing, then we experientially know yoga is more than just a physical exercise.”

Teacher: Kristina Hook

Kristina has an amazing depth of knowledge, experience, and dedication that flows into her unique expression of Yoga. Teaching and studying the integration of Eastern and Western traditions since the 1980’s, Kristina amalgamates information regarding craniosacral systems, anatomy and physiology, respiratory cardiology, and mindfulness, and brings a wealth of experience with traditional master teachers.

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Oct 04 2023


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