Grief and Loss Practices Integrating the Past and Present

Grief and Loss Practices: Integrating the Past and Present – Sunday May 15th

Mindfulness refines our ability to work with change, to flow with the sometimes difficult reality of life in a more expansive manner. Honoring our resistance, emotions, and phases of contraction is part of this process too. Grief is a process and there are meditative tools that can help us along, skills we can build as we bring the past, present, and future into a new whole.

In this afternoon workshop we will explore an understanding of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual balance that helps give our grief-work new perspective. We will discuss a simple model of natural emotions and ways we can enhance our emotional intelligence in daily life. In the spirit of mindfulness, waking up to newness of every moment, we will also look at unsatisfactory roles we may default to when our emotions drive our behavior unconsciously.

Natasha has a special interest and training bringing mindfulness to grief and loss. As with all mindfulness education, the session will be a combination of guided meditation practice, processing, and teaching. While our subject is challenging, the atmosphere we create will be positive, comfortable, and well contained.

The cost is $30, please simply Register. The group will be limited to 15 people.

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May 15 2016


2:00 pm - 5:30 pm


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