Understanding Childhood Trauma and Attachment Patterns Sol Center Tucson

Embodied – Understanding Childhood Trauma and Attachment Patterns

In this talk and discussion with Toni Rahman will share important understandings of childhood trauma  and attachment patterns, and how we can all refine our ability to relate in healthy, resilient, and joyful ways.  The issue of embodiment is key as our nervous system develops in certain ways due to childhood experiences, and can be reshaped as we become more aware and intentional.  From the framework of embodiment, Toni will explore a range of topics including  desire, parenting, boundaries, and intuition.

Toni Rahman is a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and early childhood abuse and neglect.  Her passions include Eastern and Indigenous healing practices, psychology as it interfaces with spirituality, as well as gender, social, and economic justice issues. Toni has also lived and raised children overseas, which has broadened her perspective and healing approach.  She is licensed in the state of Missouri, and currently resides and practices in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The Second Sunday Seminar is offered as a gathering rather than a lecture or teaching. The topics, are chosen for their relevance to mind, body, and spirit themes that we explore in our classes and programs. Speakers and facilitators are invited for their depth of experience in their field or discipline. We welcome suggestions for future topics and speakers.


Oct 13 2019


10:30 am - 12:00 pm




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