My uncle thinks it is a messy and chaotic city. I think that is hilarious.

Had coffee at the best place in Rome today, Tazzo d Oro °cup of gold°, near the Pantheon. It was good, the best in Italy yet, but Peters coffee is much better, seriously, we who drink with him have it goooooood.Big thunderstorm here last night, crack of lightening that lifted me from my bed. The tiber is flooding. Venice has flooded badly as most of you may know, thats the north though, another country.

Had dinner with a lovely lady from Sicily. A very elegant apartment, her husbands father built the building. so simple, so good, formal but informal all at the same time. They use a little cart near the table to serve and clear courses from. My uncle was embarrassed I put my watercress on the same plate with the potatoes, not done! But Maria was fine with me of course.

Maria is from the area near Mount Etna, people described her personality as °volcanic°. She is very speedy. She came over yesterday and i taught her some yoga breathing. thats what I do right?

Where is Peter,s family from in Sicily, perhaps you are cousins?

Having been doing Ammagis IAM meditation technique in the cathedrals. The buildings are amazing with art and architecture and ornamentation, but do nothing much for me spiritually. So Amma helps me put the space to use.

Rome is almost like India in that it is layered with culture and history for thousands of years. The Pantheon is a building like the Taj Mahal in that you feel transported when around it or in it. Turning it into a church saved it but really is a loss to its essential nature.

Rome is getting ready for Christmas and it is bella, bella. Will bring Panettone home for us.

Love to you all, not as interesting now, hugh?


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