Mindfulness: Beginner’s Mind Series

One of the attitudes we cultivate in mindfulness is beginner’s mind.  As mindfulness invites us to be more present and attentive to what is actually happening, we have an opportunity to experience everything anew.  It is the opposite of been there, done that and helps bring novelty and delight to what we all too often take for granted.

These three weeks are designed to help you begin an exploration of mindfulness as a health practice, and as a means of life enhancement.  In each session we will:

  • Highlight the history, modern applications, and new frontiers of mindfulness.
  • Engage in various foundational practices that give you a direct experience of how it works.
  • Explore the challenges of mindfulness as well, why it is harder than you might think to be present and receptive.
  • Discuss strategies for keeping it going, integrating mindfulness into both routine and difficult situations.

This course is intended for beginners and can serve as a useful foundation for those interested in doing the more intensive Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program.  It is also open to experienced practitioners who would like to cultivate beginner’s mind.

If a class does not appear on the Schedule Page, it is not on the near term schedule. Private sessions may be arranged in the interim.

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