Yoga Practice Videos with Natasha

In this gentle, slow yoga practice, you will get a taste of how physical yoga, mindfulness, and meditation come together for a doable experience for all types of bodies. The sequence stays in the zone of the floor moving from a seat to hand/knees, to prone positions; and emphasizes breath awareness above breath coordination. Natasha is masterful with verbal instruction and gives clear voice directions so you can have a felt experience, and look at the screen only as necessary. Poses include basic and modified versions of Easy pose, Cat/Cow, Downward Facing Dog, Side Plank, Cobra, and Lion, and special attention is given to the hand/arm meridians related to the lungs and heart.

In this thoughtful and slow yoga practice, you will be guided through a series of standing poses that build strength and stability. Keeping movement simple and playful, working with the balance of steady and sweet, Natasha is always pointing to the profound connection the body, mind, and heart make in the act of doing yoga. The sequence includes basic and modified versions of Mountain pose, Chair Pose, Standing Forward Fold, Tree, Side Warrior, Side Angle, Triangle, and brings special emphasis to side motions and the opening and broadening of the breath in the body.