Yoga Immersion Program

Enthusiastic students who want to nourish their personal being through more sustained and focused practice will benefit from the Yoga Practitioner Immersion Program. Traditionally, this form of practice is called sādhana and implies the spiritual pull of Yoga towards one’s fullest human potential.

We meet one weekend each month, for four months. The weekends have a retreat like quality, where different yoga practices link and further the meditative experience. Each month we provide resource material and personal practice suggestions to help you build upon the learning of the weekend.

Participants enroll for personal growth or for professional enrichment.

The immersion is an opportunity to: Explore Nāda Yoga and the roots of mantra via the Sanskrit alphabet. You will learn how to form the sounds in the mouth and listen for energetic differences as well as how to read and write the Sanskrit terms in English so the power of pronunciation is possible. You also will investigate how Nāda Yoga relates to self-expression and a deeper understanding of silence.

Explore a fuller form of breathing and an alternative sense of core that enhances common yoga practices, poses, and therapeutic applications.

Look deeper at traditional, new paradigm and subtle anatomy, expanding your understanding of how the body / mind / spirit connection works, heals, and transforms the whole being. Engage in various inquiry processes that foster fresh insight into how yoga philosophy inspires your personal path, relationships, and the world.

Have a conducive environment to feel the fuller effects of an integrated practice of sound and silence, movement and stillness, group study and personal contemplation.

For registered yoga teachers, the immersion offers 60 hours of CEU’s via the Yoga Alliance.