Mindful Communication: Listening and Speaking with Care

The basis of mindful communication is first and foremost personal mindfulness- greater awareness of sensations, emotions, and thoughts that create unconscious reactivity. Each session will be grounded in the primary practice of personal meditation- refining how we stabilize attention and responsiveness within ourselves, moment to moment.

From here we will explore how to maintain and extend self-awareness to others, through a variety of speaking and listening practices. These practices not only help us become more skillful communicators, but also provide fascinating gateways into our personal patterns and the human condition.

This series is designed for both experienced and beginning meditators. Each class will involve some form of one-to-one speaking and listening. Care, kindness, and confidentiality will be emphasized throughout.

If a class does not appear on the Schedule Page, it is not on the near term schedule. Private sessions may be arranged in the interim.

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