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Yoga Focus: Steady and Blissful with Elisa

This class was crafted to accommodate individuals of all proficiency levels, offering an inclusive space for the exploration of Hatha Yoga’s classical principles. The overarching goal is to illuminate Hatha Yoga not merely as a physical practice but as a transformative journey that guides practitioners toward a heightened state of meditative awareness and self-discovery.

Throughout the class, we intricately weave elements from the eight limbs of yoga into the fabric of each session. This holistic approach encompasses not only the physical postures (asanas) but also incorporates ethical guidelines (yamas and niyamas), breath control (pranayama), withdrawal of the senses (pratyahara), concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana), and ultimate blissful union (samadhi).

Elisa Rivera is a long-time meditator and yogini on an inner quest to bring stillness of mind and an open heart into her everyday living. As a teacher, facilitator, and trained Spiritual Director she is committed to guiding others to know, and realize the deeper Self. Her Yoga roots are in the tradition of the Himalayan Master’s; and she has extensive studies and practice in other mystical traditions. She has spent most of her professional life in the social services, and is a fluent Spanish speaker. Elisa completed the Sol Center yoga training program in 2017, and the Haden Institute’s Spiritual Director program in 2022. In addition to her spiritual explorations, Elisa enjoys being in nature, art, music, and spontaneity.

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Jun 17 2024


10:30 am - 11:45 am


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