Sol Center Sacred Embodiment for Women

Shakti Yoga: Sacred Embodiment for Women

Shakti Yoga: Sacred Embodiment for Women

May 30th  6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

With Alyssa Spungen, BHT, CDP, CYT


The Feminine is not another thing to achieve. She flowers and blossoms when we listen and receive. The practices we do in Shakti Yoga are designed for us to fully embody and embrace what it means to be us at any given moment, and truly sense that as sacred. Some have described this practice as a moving meditation steeped in nourishing waters. Shakti Yoga is simultaneously a practice to cultivate, and a place to remember what we already know. 


Shakti Yoga centers the Womb-space as the Great Mystery, in the Cosmos and within our being. This is a space we lovingly return to over and over in order to ground into our bodies, sense what is holding and how it wants to be tended to, be supported in our releasing process, and guided into drawing in our own presence as healing balm. 


In this in-depth evening session you will:

*Learn various practices informed and inspired by Tantric, Bhakti and Daoist traditions.

*Get to know your energetic anatomy, with emphasis on the Chakras.

* Experience a unique blend of structured and organic movement, deep rest and stimulating activity.  With special attention given to your sensual experience, your monthly cycle, and your stage of life.

*Explore your own sense of femininity in a safe, trauma informed environment. 


This Shakti Yoga experience is for those interested in:

*Experiencing more of what yoga has to offer beyond classical postural flows. 

*Developing resources and tools for deeper grounding and spiritual embodiment.

*Deepening skills of self-care, self-acceptance, and body positivity.

*Creative expression and potential, as well as intuition and empowerment.

*Connecting and communing with others in a nurturing ritual.   


Alyssa Spungen finds a home in Shakti Yoga as her personal Yoga practice and loves practicing with others. As someone who has struggled with depression and body image, Alyssa is sensitive to the struggle for healthy embodiment and passionate about creating and holding space that is filled with safety, power, protection, and authentic connection. In addition to completing Shakti Yoga training with Jasmine Rose, she is certified in Hatha Yoga by the Yoga Oasis, has done additional training in inclusive and accessible yoga, and is a Behavioral Health Technician and Certified Dreamwork Practitioner at Tucson Counseling Associates.


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May 30 2023


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm




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