Particulars of the
Yoga Teacher Training Program

General Curriculum

Anatomy & PhysiologyAlignment & EnergeticsClassical Technique
Sound, Sanskrit, MantraYoga PsychologyPhilosophy & Mythology
Meditation & Yoga NidrāAyurveda & DinacharyāLifestyle
EthicsSequencingTeaching Methodology


We meet one weekend each month, for nine months, beginning in September.  Friday sessions are from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, Saturdays & Sundays from 8:00am to 6:00 pm.

Friday evening sessions set the theme for our weekend studies and practice.  Saturday and Sunday sessions grow from a public class experience into posture clinics that detail technique, methodology, anatomy & physiology, as well as practice teaching.   There is also a strong Ayurveda & meditation component to our weekends. Manual materials, study and practice assignments, and monthly mentoring check-ins are designed to help you integrate your learning, balance your personal practice, and develop your voice all along the way.



September 20-22 | October 18-20 | November 22-24 | December 13-15


January 17-19 | February 21-23 | March 20-22 | April  17-19 | May 15-17


$3395, includes an eight month Sol Center class pass and a monthly mentoring check-in session. There is a 7% discount for non-local students & those that enroll before July 1st


The Sol Center Hațha Yoga Teacher Training Program is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with the national Yoga Alliance. Graduates of our 200 hour certificate program are eligible to join the Yoga Alliance and become a credentialed Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200).

The Sol Center Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour Certification Program

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am interested in doing the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Program, but will not be able to attend one weekend?

If you are doing the program for personal development it is not as essential that you are physically there all 9 weekends.  The material we are covering does build from month to month so we will provide a partial transcript of material covered and when possible, audios of specific lectures and discussions.  We can offer you an extra mentoring session that month to help you stay on track with your cohorts and your personal practice as well, for an extra fee.

I am interested in being certified as a yoga teacher but already know I will miss a weekend or day?

The number of hours of physical and personal contact is part of the national standard.  If you miss a weekend or a part of a weekend, we will have to arrange to make that up in person with a trainer, for an extra fee.

 I only want to do the program for personal development; will the teacher training portions be relevant to me? 

Being a trainee rather than just a student is a shift of perspective.  Practicing facilitation rather than just being facilitated is an interesting challenge.  We will ask you to participate in all this as a way to deepen your own understanding of yoga and explore the development of your voice in general.  You may indeed never teach, but the process will expand your own growth and perhaps surprise you down the road with how you are “teaching” yoga.

Is it possible to do the program if I don’t live in Tucson?

We designed the long weekend format to enable out of town student participation.  We can connect you with resources to help with logistics of your weekend accommodations.  Your monthly mentoring session can be via phone or web-chat.

Why is your format so long, compared to other places?

The program is intended to be an in-depth, transformational, healing experience.  It takes time to learn and integrate the learning into life.

Are there payment plans?

We can discuss your needs individually.  We offer a discount only for early registration and for out of town students who would not benefit from the use of the centers classes during the program.