MBSR Alumni Practice Sessions

In Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR, we define mindfulness as the awareness that arises by paying attention on purpose in the present moment.  In the course, we develop our attention informally and formally.  Informally in our everyday life, by lighting up our awareness in the midst of whatever we are doing or experiencing.  Formally in our meditation practices, by  taking time away from our normal activities to cultivate deeper connections to the direct experience of body and mind.

With mindfulness meditation we literally meditate upon the moment to moment movements of sensations, emotions, and thoughts.  In this simple way we expand our knowing of what is actually happening, our capacity to attend, and our ability to respond.

As simple as it sounds, be present, it is important to keep intentionally and formally practicing.  In this spirit we invite you to join us in person or on-line for our Wednesday evening meditation session.  Please see the weekly schedule of classes for details and registration.

If you have any other questions regarding MBSR or mindfulness support.  Please contact us directly.

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