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Natasha Korshak, practicing in Tucson AZ, is a long time teacher and trainer of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

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I arrive at the holy city yesterday morning and it feels truly like a month ago. Not that I know the city, it is a labyrinth. But that you see so much in a short time. I don’t know if I have told Peter, that my camera batteries (3 of them) all went dead 10 […]



I think the key to blogging in this country at least, India, is to do it fast as the lines seem to stop working. I have written 2 times now, at length posts, and lost them as I tried to post….so will try to be short and sweet. My “Ancient Oracle” odyssey ended in Mahaballipurum […]


Mars Town

We are in a town called Mayiladuthurai tonight. There are so many towns with a similar, unpronounceable names here in Tamil Nadu, India. On the average map of India this town would not show up. We are in the best hotel in the town and everyone is miserable in our group as it smells of […]


I barely know what day it is….Jupiters day, Thursday.

I barely know what day it is….Jupiters day, Thursday. We have progressed from Chennai to Pondicherry to Kumbakoram- Kumba means “pot” in sanskrit and is the term for the 11th sign of the zodiac, what we know as Aquarius. The people here beleive this is a place where a piece of the pot that held […]



Hello Friends, did I just sound like John McCain there? John who…… It was beautiful to follow Obama’s win from a distance and to be here in a land of dark skinned people who love Obama and perhaps the USA too. One small example says it all. I am leaving the Ganesha temple in Pondicherry […]