About David Stein

In the early 1980s David Stein went to lunch with friends at a Chinese restaurant called The Golden Dragon in Madison, WI. There and then, embedded in a cookie, Stein received the fortune that would change his life. It simply said, “Innovate or vegetate.” Since then, he has dedicated his life to finding innovative ways to vegetate.

In an effort to “see the world with fresh eyes,” Stein joined the Peace Corps when he was about 40. The Peace Corps sent him to a small country in the South Pacific called Vanuatu (which, by the way, is where James Michener wrote “Tales of the South Pacific.”) He stayed there for 19 years, most of which was not with the Peace Corps, during which time he managed to accomplish his goal of seeing the world through fresh eyes.

Stein is still an avid traveller, taking frequent epic journeys. However, these days he is prone to travel inwards as he is a regular practitioner of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and more. He collects therapies and therapists. He loves to spend time in nature, even if only in his backyard. He is passionate about connection and community. Stein also enjoys cooking, eating, and feeding others. In his spare time he can sometimes be found plunking on his ukulele. He also spends a bit of time reading and writing (although he was never too wild about ‘rithmetic.)

He currently resides in a small house on the westside of Tucson, AZ with several hummingbirds, a neurological disorder, and lotsa good vibes.

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